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Diseases & Its Solutions in Foods

Eat plenty of fish -- fish oil helps prevent headaches. So does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain.
Eat lots of yogurt before pollen season. Also-eat honey from your area (local region) daily.
Prevent buildup of fatty deposits on artery walls with regular doses of tea. (actually, tea suppresses my appetite and keeps the pounds from invading....Green tea is great for our immune system)
Use honey as a tranquilizer and sedative.
Eating onions helps ease constriction of bronchial tubes.
Salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines actually prevent arthritis. (fish has omega oils, good for our immune system)
Bananas will settle an upset stomach. Ginger will cure morning sickness and nausea.
High-acid cranberry juice controls harmful bacteria.
Bone fractures and osteoporosis can be prevented by the manganese in pineapple.
Women can ward off the effects of PMS with cornflakes, which help reduce depression, anxiety and fatigue.
Oysters help improve your mental functioning by supplying much-needed zinc.
Clear up that stuffy head with garlic. (remember, garlic lowers cholesterol, too.)
A substance similar to that found in the cough syrups is found in hot red pepper. Use red (cayenne) pepper with caution-it can irritate your tummy.
BREAST CANCER EAT Wheat, bran and cabbage
Helps to maintain estrogen at healthy levels.
A good antidote is beta carotene, a form of Vitamin A found in dark green and orange vegetables.
Cabbage contains chemicals that help heal both gastric and duodenal ulcers.
Grate an apple with its skin, let it turn brown and eat it to cure this condition. (Bananas are good for this ailment)
Mono unsaturated fat in avocados lowers cholesterol.
Olive oil has been shown to lower blood pressure. Celery contains a chemical that lowers pressure too.
The chromium in broccoli and peanuts helps regulate insulin and blood sugar.
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Blood Group Important Information

Did You Know?
Blood type and Rh
How many people have it?
O +
40 %
O -
7 %
A +
34 %
A -
6 %
B +
8 %
B -
1 %
AB +
3 %
AB -
1 %

Does Your Blood Type Reveal Your Personality?
According to a Japanese institute that does research on blood types, there are certain personality traits that seem to match up with certain blood types. How do you rate?
You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealously and a tendency to be too competitive.
You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.
You're a rugged individualist, who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way. Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakne ss.
Cool and controlled, you're generally well liked and always put people at ease You're a natural entertainer who's tactful and fair. But you're standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

Most Important Information Now:
You Can Receive
If Your Type Is
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The Whole Food Chart for Health

Protects your heart prevents constipation Blocks diarrhea Improves lung capacity Cushions joints
Combats cancer Controls blood pressure Saves your eyesight Shields against Alzheimer's Slows aging process
Aids digestion Lowers cholesterol Protects your heart Stabilizes blood sugar Guards against liver disease
Battles diabetes Lowers cholesterol Helps stops strokes Controls blood pressure Smoothes skin
Protects your heart Quiets a cough Strengthens bones Controls blood pressure Blocks diarrhea
Prevents constipation Helps hemorrhoids Lowers cholesterol Combats cancer Stabilizes blood sugar
Controls blood pressure Combats cancer Strengthens bones Protects your heart Aids weight loss
Combats cancer Protects your heart Stabilizes blood sugar Boosts memory Prevents constipation
Strengthens bones Saves eyesight Combats cancer Protects your heart Controls blood pressure
Combats cancer Prevents constipation Promotes weight loss Protects your heart Helps hemorrhoids
Saves eyesight Controls blood pressure Lowers cholesterol Combats cancer Supports immune system
Saves eyesight Protects your heart Prevents constipation Combats cancer Promotes weight loss
Protects against Prostate Cancer Combats Breast Cancer Strengthens bones Banishes bruises Guards against heart disease
Protects your heart Combats Cancer Ends insomnia Slows aging process Shields against Alzheimer's
Promotes weight loss Protects your heart Lowers cholesterol Combats Cancer Controls blood pressure
chili peppers
Aids digestion Soothes sore throat Clears sinuses Combats Cancer Boosts immune system
Promotes weight loss Helps stops strokes Lowers cholesterol Combats Cancer Controls blood pressure
Protects your heart Boosts memory Protects your heart Combats Cancer Supports immune system
Aids digestion Battles diabetes Protects your heart Improves mental health Boosts immune system
Lowers cholesterol Controls blood pressure Combats cancer kills bacteria Fights fungus
Protects against heart attacks Promotes Weight loss Helps stops strokes Combats Prostate Cancer Lowers cholesterol
saves eyesight Conquers kidney stones Combats cancer Enhances blood flow Protects your heart
green tea
Combats cancer Protects your heart Helps stops strokes Promotes Weight loss Kills bacteria
Heals wounds Aids digestion Guards against ulcers Increases energy Fights allergies
Combats cancer Protects your heart Controls blood pressure Smoothes skin Stops scurvy
Combats cancer Protects your heart Controls blood pressure Smoothes skin Stops scurvy
Combats cancer Boosts memory Regulates thyroid aids digestion Shields against Alzheimer's
Controls blood pressure Lowers cholesterol Kills bacteria Combats cancer Strengthens bones
Lowers cholesterol Combats cancer Battles diabetes prevents constipation Smoothes skin
olive oil
Protects your heart Promotes Weight loss Combats cancer Battles diabetes Smoothes skin
Reduce risk of heart attack Combats cancer Kills bacteria Lowers cholesterol Fights fungus
Supports immune systems Combats cancer Protects your heart Straightens respiration  
prevents constipation Combats cancer Helps stops strokes aids digestion Helps hemorrhoids
Protects against heart disease Promotes Weight loss Combats Prostate Cancer Lowers cholesterol Aggravates
Strengthens bones Relieves colds Aids digestion Dissolves warts Blocks diarrhea
Slows aging process prevents constipation boosts memory Lowers cholesterol Protects against heart disease
Protects your heart Battles diabetes Conquers kidney stones Combats cancer Helps stops strokes
Combats cancer Protects your heart boosts memory Calms stress  
sweet potatoes
Saves your eyesight Lifts mood Combats cancer Strengthens bones  
Protects prostate Combats cancer Lowers cholesterol Protects your heart  
Lowers cholesterol Combats cancer boosts memory Lifts mood Protects against heart disease
Promotes Weight loss Combats cancer Conquers kidney stones Smoothes skin  
Protects prostate Promotes Weight loss Lowers cholesterol Helps stops strokes Controls blood pressure
wheat germ
Combats Colon Cancer prevents constipation Lowers cholesterol Helps stops strokes improves digestion
wheat bran
Combats Colon Cancer prevents constipation Lowers cholesterol Helps stops strokes improves digestion
Guards against ulcers Strengthens bones Lowers cholesterol Supports immune systems Aids digestion
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Vomiting - Symptoms, Causes, Home Remedies & Valuable Suggestions

Vomiting is a forceful expulsion of the stomach contents due to the contraction of stomach muscles. Vomiting is also known as emesis. Sometimes you may attempt to vomit but may not expel anything from your mouth. This is known as retching. Vomiting may or may not be accompanied by nausea.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the symptoms of vomiting are as follows Increased saliva, Dizziness, Light-headedness, Difficulty in swallowing food or liquid, Changes in skin temperature, Increase in heart beat rate.

Vomiting Causes

Some of the causes of vomiting are as follows Overeating, Drinking excessive alcohol, Pregnancy, Migraine, Infections, Flu, Stomach upset, Stomach virus, Food poisoning, Poisoning, Accidental poisoning, Acute gastritis, Reflux, Intestinal obstructions, Chronic digestive conditions, Peptic ulcers, Stomach cancer, Intestinal obstruction, Kidney failure, Cholera.

Home Remedies for Vomiting

Some of the effective home remedies for vomiting are as follows. Have a cup of ginger tea, Eat a mixture of honey and powder of 2 roasted cardamoms, Have a glass of chilled lime juice, Have a mixture of 1 tsp mint juice, 1 tsp lime juice, 1/2 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp honey. Slowly sip a glass of honey water, Have one tsp onion juice in regular interval, Slowly sip a glass of chilled cola, Relax for some time.

Diet for the first twelve hours

For the first twelve hours after vomiting do not take any solid food. Limit yourself only to liquids like apple juice, carbonated juices, water and so on. Avoid citrus juices and dairy products for the first 24 hours.

Diet for the next twelve hours

During the next twelve hours gradually start eating banana, peeled apple, boiled potatoes, boiled rice and soup without cream.

Diet after 24 hours

After 24 hours you can have cottage cheese, non-fat milk, broiled chicken, lean meat and so on.

Other Valuable Suggestions

Once vomiting stops, do not rush to normal diet immediately. If vomiting continues then it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.
Never use any home remedy or other self treatment without being advised to do so by a physician.
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Useful Home Remedies

Here are some very useful home remedies for your Daily Needs:

Almonds: To remove the skin of almonds easily, soak them in hot water for 15-20 minutes.

Ants: Putting 3-4 cloves in the sugar container will keep the ants at bay.

Biscuits: If you keep a piece of blotting paper at the bottom of the container, it will keep biscuits fresh for a longer time.

Butter: Avoid the use of butter. If it is essential to use, use a butter containing low saturated fat or with plant stanols (which avoid absorption of cholesterol by our body) or similar substitutes.

Apples: Apply some lemon juice on the cut surface of the apple to avoid browning. They will look fresh for a longer time.

Banana: Apply mashed banana over a burn on your body to have a cooling effect.

Bee and Scorpion Sting Relief: Apply a mixture of 1 pinch of chewing tobacco and 1 drop of water. Mix and apply directly and immediately to the sting; cover with band aid to hold in place. Pain will go away in just a few short minutes.

Bitter Gourd (Karela): Slit Karelas at the middle and apply a mixture of salt, wheat flour and curd all round. Keep aside for 1/2 an hour and then cook.

Celery: To keep celery fresh for long time, wrap it in aluminium foil and place in the refrigerator.

Burnt Food: Place some chopped onion in the vessel having burnt food, pour boiling water in it, keep for 5 minutes and then clean.

Chilli Powder: Keeping a small piece of hing (asafoetida) in the same container will store chilli powder for long time.

Chopping: Use a wooden board to chop. It will not blunt the knife. Don't use a plastic board, small plastic pieces may go with the vegetables.

Coriander/Mint: You can use dried coriander and mint leaves in coarse powder form in vegetable curry or chutney, if fresh ones are not available.
To keep them fresh for a longer time, wrap them in a muslin cloth and keep in a fridge.

Cockroaches: Put some boric powder in kitchen in corners and other places. Cockroaches will leave your house.

Coconut: Immerse coconut in water for 1/2 an hour to remove its hust.

Dry Fruits: To chop dry fruits, place them in fridge for half an hour before cutting. Take the fruits out and cut them with a hot knife (dip it in hot water before cutting).

Dough/Rolling pin: If the dough sticks to the rolling pin, place it in freezer for a few minutes.

Egg peeling off: Make a small hole in the egg by piercing a pin before boiling it. You will be able to remove its skin very easily.

Egg fresh: Immerse the egg in a pan of cool salted water. If it sinks, it is fresh; if it rises to the surface, it is certainly quite old.

Garlic: Garlic skin comes off easily if the garlic cloves are slightly warmed before peeling.

Ghee: Avoid the use of ghee. If it is necessary, substitute it with canola oil. Even for making halwa, you can partly substitute it with oil.

Green Chillies: To keep the chillies fresh for a longer time, remove the stems before storing.

Green Peas: To preserve green peas, keep them in a polythene bag in the freezer.

Idlies: Place a betel (paan) leaf over the leftover idli and dosa batter to prevent them sour. Do not beat idli batter too much, the air which has been incorporated during fermentation will escape. If you add half a tsp of fenugreek seeds to the lentil and rice mixture while soaking, dosas will be more crisp.

Fruits: To ripen fruits, wrap them in newspaper and put in a warm place for 2-3 days. The ethylene gas they emit will make them ripe.

Frying: Avoid deep frying. Substitute deep frying with stir frying or oven bake. Don't pour the oil, but make a habit of spraying the oil in the utensil for cooking. Heat the utensil first, then add oil. This way oil spreads well. You will use less oil this way.

Left Over: Don't throw away the foods left over. Store them in Fridge. Use them in making tasty dishes.

Lemon/Lime: If the lemon or lime is hard, put it in warm water for 5-10 minutes to make it easier to squeeze.

Lizards: Hang a peacock feather, lizards will leave your house.

Milk: Moisten the base of the vessel with water to reduce the chances of milk to stick at the bottom. Keep a spoon in the vessel while boiling milk at medium heat. It will avoid sticking the milk at the bottom of the vessel.Adding half a tsp of sodium bicarbonate in the milk while boiling will not spoil the milk even if you don't put it in the fridge.

Mixer/Grinder: Grind some common salt in your mixer/grinder fro some time every month. This will keep your mixer blades sharp.

Mosquitoes: Put a few camphor tablets in a cup of water and keep it in the bed room near your bed, or in any place with mosquitoes.

Noodles: When the noodles are boiled, drain all the hot water and add cold water. This way all the noodles will get separated.

Onions: To avoid crying, cut the onions into two parts and place them in water for 15 minutes before chopping them.Wrap the onions individually in a newspaper and store in a cool and dark place to keep them fresh for long time.

Oven: Watch from the oven window to conserve energy because the oven temperature drops by 25 degrees every time its door is opened, To clean the oven, apply a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water on the walls and floor of the oven and keep the oven on low heat for about half an hour. Dried food can easily be removed.

Paneer: To keep paneer fresh for several days, wrap it in a blotting paper while storing in the refrigerator. Do not fry paneer, immerse it in boiling water to make it soft and spongy.

Papad: Bake in microwave oven. Wrap the papads in polythene sheet and place with dal or rice will prevent them from drying and breaking.

Pickles: To prevent the growth of fungus in pickles, burn a small grain of asafoetida over a burning coal and invert the empty pickle jar for some time before putting pickles in the jar.

Popcorn: Keep the maize/corn seeds in the freezer and pop while still frozen to get better pops.

Potato: To bake potatoes quickly, place them in salt water for 15 minutes before baking. Use the skin of boiled potatoes to wipe mirrors to sparkling clean.Don't store potatoes and onions together. Potatoes will rot quickly if stored with onions. Refrigerator: To prevent formation of ice, rub table salt to the insides of your freeze.

Rice: Add a few drops of lemon juice in the water before boiling the rice to make rice whiter. Add a tsp of canola oil in the water before boiling the rice to separate each grain after cooking. Don't throw away the rice water after cooking. Use it to make soup or add it in making dal (lentils). Add 5g of dried powdered mint leaves to 1kg of rice. It will keep insects at bay. Put a small paper packet of boric powder in the container of rice to keep insects at bay. Put a few leaves of mint in the container of rice to keep insects at bay.

Samosa: Bake them instead of deep frying to make them fat free. Don't fry the filling potato masala. Preserve the samosas in freezer. For eating, take out of the freezer two hours in advance and bake them over low temp.

Sugar: Put 2-3 cloves in the sugar to keep ants at bay.

Tadka: Use sprouted mustard seeds (rayee) and fenugreek (methi) seeds for your tadkas. Both of them when sprouted have more nutritional values. Also this add flavour to the dish and can be more beneficial, besides giving decorative look to the dish.

Tomato: To remove the skin of tomatoes, place them in warm water for 5-10 minutes. The skin can then be easily peeled off.When tomatoes are not available or too costly, substitute with tomato puree or tomato ketchup/sauce. Place overripe tomatoes in cold water and add some salt. Overnight they will become firm and fresh.

Tamarind: Tamarind is an excellent polish for brass and copper items. Rub a slab of wet tamarind with some salt sprinkled on it on the object to be polished.
Gargles with tamarind water is recommended for a sore throat.

Utensils: Use nonsticking utensils. Use thick bottom utensils, they get uniformly heated. For electric stoves, use flat bottom utensils. Add a little bit of common salt to the washing powder for better cleaning of utensils.

Vegetables: Don't discard the water in which the vegetables are soaked or cooked. Use it in making soup or gravy. To keep the vegetables fresh for a longer time, wrap them in newspaper before putting them in freeze. Chop the vegetables only when you are ready to use them. Don't cut them in too advance. It would spoil their food value.

Sink (Blocked): To clear the blocked drain pipe of your kitchen sink, mix 1/2 cup sodium bicarbonate in 1 cup vinegar and pour it into the sink, and pour about 1 cup water.. In an hour the drain pipe will open.

Soup Salty: Place a raw peeled potato in the bowl, it will absorb the extra salt.

Yoghurt (Home Made): To set yogurt in winter, place the container in a warm place like oven or over the voltage stabliser.

Yogurt: If the yogurt has become sour, put it in a muslin cloth and drain all the water. Then add milk to make it as good as fresh in taste. Use the drained water in making tasty gravy for vegetables or for basen curry. To keep the yogurt fresh for many days, fill the vessel containing yogurt with water to the brim and refrigerate. Change the water daily.
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100 Simple Ways to Change Your Life Healthy

No matter how perfect you may think you are, the fact this there's always some small way you can improve upon yourself. Whether it's broadening your knowledge or reducing your impact on the earth, there are seemingly endless little things you can do to make a change for the better. Here, we'll discuss 100 of these steps, and how you can go about doing them.

Health Good health is the foundation of a good life, so make these improvements, and they'll resonate out to the rest of your life.

1 Eat breakfast every morning: Eating breakfast is important for your health and mental power, supplying essential vitamins, minerals, and energy for your day.
2 Get a good night's rest: You just can't have a happy and productive life if you're tired all of the time, so get some quality shut eye.
3 Drink water: Step up your water intake to lose weight, feel better, and improve your skin.
4 Eat slowly: Slow down when you eat, and you'll find that you consume less while still feeling satisfied.
5 Cut down on junk food: Junk food has a nasty way of bringing your health down, so avoid it whenever possible, opting instead for healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables.
6 Practice good dental hygiene: Researchers have found that dental hygiene is important for more than cosmetic reasons-it can help you chew food and even avoid heart disease.
7 Drink tea: Be sure to check out the powerhouse of benefits that tea can deliver, which includes improved memory and prevention of ills such as cavities, cancer, and heart disease.
8 Get some exercise: Whether you need to lose weight or not, exercise will have a positive effect on your overall health and quality of life.
9 Improve your energy: If you're feeling sluggish all day, chances are you're just not going to feel good about yourself. So take a few steps to boost your energy, and you'll be better in your daily life.
10 Intensify your workouts: Researchers have found that by doing more intense workouts, you can enjoy similar benefits that you would with a more relaxed workout for a longer period of time.
11 Enjoy fish a few times a week: Eat fish, and you'll get a serving of Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce heart disease.
12 Wear better shoes: Don't torture your toes with restrictive shoes all the time-limit the amount of time you spend in uncomfortable shoes.
13 Protect your skin: Stay out of the sun to avoid skin damage, or use sunblock to help.
14 Eat at home: It's easier and cheaper to prepare healthy foods on your own at home, and skillfully cooking a meal is sure to impress just about anyone.
15 Get tested for prediabetes: Diabetes is a disease that many Americans are susceptible to, and by discovering it early on you can prevent it or lessen its impact.
16 Take a daily walk: Get a little bit of movement and clear your mind with a walk every day.
17 Lose weight: One of the best things you can do for your health and overall quality of life is to shed a few pounds.
SocialTake these steps to change your social life for the better.
18 Join a book club: Get some social interaction while improving your knowledge with a book club.
19 Get out of the house: Believe it or not, the world just isn't going to come to you. You've got to get out of your "zone" for social interaction.
20 Volunteer: For a rewarding social experience, look into volunteer opportunities.
21 Ignore minor irritations: Whether it's some jerk in traffic, or incessant Facebook application requests, some things just aren't worth dealing with.
22 Start a blog: Spark an online discussion and network with new people through a blog.
23 Talk to strangers: Don't hesitate to spark a conversation with someone you don't know-you just might enjoy yourself, or even make a new friend.
24 Don't stereotype or label people: Avoid dismissing people based on factors you don't fully understand, and you may find that they have something to offer you.
25 Call old friends: You'd be surprised how many people would be overjoyed to hear from you, especially if it's been a while since you've seen them.
26 Go to church: Make new friends and get in touch with your spiritual side at church or temple.
27 Host a party: Spend some time with good friends and enjoy yourself at home by inviting others over for a party.
28 Enjoy a hobby: Having a regular, relaxing activity will bring you joy.
29 Join a club: Whether you're into board games or photography, there's a group out there for you.
EmotionalImprove your emotional life with these simple strategies.
30 Make an effort to be happy: Whether you actually feel happy or not, make it a point to attempt happiness. It will help you feel better, as well as others around you.
31 Consider religion: If you're not a spiritual person, consider becoming more involved with religion to improve your emotional well-being.
32 Stop taking things personally: Although it may seem to the contrary, know that not everyone is out to make your life harder.
33 Be optimistic: Put a positive spin on things and feel better about the future.
34 Know when to lose sleep: Sometimes, you have more important things to do than sleep, but they key is knowing when that should happen.
35 Step out of your comfort zone: Make it a point to step out of your comfort zone once in awhile. It's a great way to advance yourself.
36 Get rid of ill-fitting clothing: Clothes that don't fit right will just make you look bad and feel worse about yourself. If you love a piece, but it just doesn't look good, consider getting it tailored.
37 Spend time with a child: Look at the world through a child's eyes and get inspired. You'll learn to appreciate simple things and see life with excitement.
38 Pamper yourself: Take care of yourself, whether that means getting a pint of ice cream now and then, or just getting a spa treatment.
39 Celebrate your successes: When you've accomplished something great, take a moment to feel good about it!
40 Quit your technology addiction: Although you may love your BlackBerry, you'll feel a whole lot better if you just step away from the screen for a while.
41 Set goals: By setting goals, you'll give yourself something to strive for and look forward to.
42 Feel good about yourself: Make a decision to improve your self-confidence, and you'll feel better. Others will notice it, too.
43 Be thankful: Every now and then, take some time to acknowledge all of the good things you have in your life, big and small.
44 Cut yourself some slack: Avoid inventing your own impossible, stringent rules that you have to stick to-they'll only make you feel nervous and guilty.
45 Let go of the past: Don't hold grudges-let go, and you'll free up emotional space.
46 Don't be dramatic: Stop inflating small problems, or you'll make yourself more anxious than you need to be.
47 Express yourself: Let your emotions come out through art, writing, or other forms of expression.
48 Meditate: Take some time out every day to have an inner dialogue with yourself.
FinancialMake these changes to improve your life's financial outlook.
49 Pay off debt: Nothing will improve your finances better than simply getting rid of debt.
50 Build an emergency fund: Keep an emergency fund to save yourself from plummeting into the red when something pops up, and you'll be much more secure.
51 Track your spending: At some point in their lives, nearly everyone has wondered where all their money goes. Try this exercise to finally get to the bottom of it, and identify spots where your money could be better spent.
52 Be frugal: Embrace frugality in your life, and you'll save money while living more simply.
53 Make extra payments: Pay off mortgage and other large debts early, and you'll take a load off.
54 Diversify your income: Provide yourself with some financial security by finding multiple sources of income.
55 Save: The concept is simple-save money, and you'll have more financial power to do the things you'd like to do.
56 Eat at home more often: Eating out all the time may be fun, but preparing meals at home is a better financial strategy.
57 Invest: Investing is not only fun, it's an excellent way to make your money grow.
58 Set a goal: Give yourself a financial goal to achieve, whether it's saving for a particular item, or doubling your investments.
59 Save for retirement: Don't give your future self a huge mess to take care of-save now, and you'll enjoy it later.
MentalImprove your mind by taking these simple steps.
60 Go back to school: Continuing your education does not have to be a complicated endeavor. Take an online class, or just a weekend seminar.
61 Read classic books: Improve your mind by finally picking up all those books you were supposed to read in school.
62 Plan: Always have a plan for your life, so you'll know what you're working toward.
63 Quit procrastinating: Resolve to get moving, and you'll find that you have much more time than you originally realized.
64 Get inspired by a book: Read a book that will help you spark positive changes in your life.
65 Learn from your mistakes: Don't let mistakes get you down. Instead, consider what you did wrong, and how you can avoid doing so again in the future.
66 Stop worrying: Let go of worry, and know that the future will come no matter what you do about it.
67 Learn to play a musical instrument: Pick up a guitar, or even a harp, to improve your mental capacity and have something fun to do.
68 Work to your own advantage: Improve upon what you can, and let the rest fall away.
69 Think slowly: Instead of jumping to conclusions, carefully calculate what a situation means. Doing so can help you save relationships that might be damaged by rash thinking.
70 Participate in a debate: Have a rational discussion with someone of similar intellect to improve your knowledge.
71 Learn a new language: Broaden your horizons by learning how to speak a new language.
72 Visit Wikipedia: Spend some time on Wikipedia learning lots of interesting facts you've never realized before.
HabitsMake these changes in your daily life to improve upon yourself.
73 Quit smoking: It's the single most important thing you can do for your health, appearance, and energy. You'll smell better, too.
74 Wake up early: Be an early riser, and you'll find that you have more time to get things done.
75 Spend more time outside: Head outside to become more active and enjoy the world around you.
76 Be organized: Make things easier on yourself by living a more organized life.
At WorkYou spend so much time at work, but probably don't often consider how you can improve upon this important facet of your life. Take these steps to make things just a little bit better.
77 Make friends with your coworkers: One of the easiest and most important things you can do to improve your career is to practice inner networking. Socialize with your coworkers, and they'll be more willing to help you when you need it.
78 Improve your writing skills: If you improve upon your writing skills, you'll instantly sound more intelligent and persuasive.
79 Collaborate: Don't go it alone-ask for help, and give help in return.
80 Keep your inbox empty: Reduce anxiety and simplify by clearing out your inbox as much as you can.
81 Leave work at the door: Don't bring work home with you, or you'll stress yourself out at home.
82 Join a professional association: Network with others in your field for fun and career advancement.
83 Ask for a raise: Simply asking for a raise you deserve is a no-brainer way to feel better about work and your paycheck.
84 Improve your resume: If you're not happy with your job, give your resume a facelift and consider seeking a new position.
85 Improve your system: If you've got a messy desk, or generally lead a disorganized work life, take charge by reorganizing.
86 Start your own business: One of the best ways to improve your career is to go into business for yourself.
In Your CommunityGetting involved in your community is a great way to improve upon your life. Try these methods for getting out there.
87 Vote: Impact your community's future by participating in the election of officials.
88 Donate unused items: Instead of holding a garage sale, pass your old items on to people who need them-like books to schools, and clothing to shelters.
89 Support charitable endeavors: Whether it's with money or time, do what you can to help out charities in your community.
90 Be a coach: Offer to coach a youth sport, and you'll shape young lives while having fun.
91 Visit your local library: Take advantage of your community's library to both save money and broaden your mind.
In the EnvironmentAn excellent way to improve upon yourself is to reduce the negative impact you have on the world. Take these steps to get greener and change your life for the better.
92 Work to reduce your carbon emissions: Find out about the many things you can do to help cut your carbon emissions, and then take action on them.
93 Improve your gas mileage: Drive more slowly and coast as much as you can to improve your gas mileage.
94 Turn off the lights: Cut your waste and energy bill by turning off your lights whenever you don't need them.
95 Get a reusable water bottle: Keep plastic water bottles out of our landfills by getting a container you can use over and over again.
96 Reduce your trash: Take steps to cut down on the waste you put in landfills.
97 Buy local and organic food: Support your health and local farmer by purchasing local, organic produce.
98 Adjust your thermostat: Let your heater and AC take a small break by adjusting your thermostat to reduce waste.
99 Stop using plastic bags: Quit using plastic bags, and you'll both reduce your impact and save animals.
100 Take shorter showers: Save a precious resource by reducing the amount of water you use in your daily shower.
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